Carol Sonnie Says She Wasn’t Surprised After Mulamwah Moved On, She Saw It Coming

Carol Sonnie has revealed after breaking up with her baby daddy Mulamwah, it hasn’t been easy.

Sonie and Mulamwah dated for three years before parting ways in March 2021, when the actress turned YouTuber was three months pregnant.

Their break up was messy and the ex lovebirds took to social media to expose each other’s dirty linens in public.

Mulamwah claimed Sonnie cheated on him while still together and when she got pregnant, wasn’t sure about who was her baby daddy.

Responding to the cheating allegations during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, she said:

“I never had any relationship outside, for him…I am not aware whether he had any.”

A few days after the heartbreaking announcement, the comedian introduced his new girlfriend Ruth, to the online community. Commenting on Mulamwah’s current relationship, the mom of one said:

“Someone told me men move on very fast. I was not surprised. I was not hurt. I had seen a lot of things so my expectations had gone down.”

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