Butita Shares Horrible Experience With Female Stalker

Eddie Butita has revealed his experience of how he was stalked by a female fan.

He said that the fan would call him so many times during an interview with Nthenya, saying,

‘I went to a hotel in Lavington. Moji Short Baba went to the same restaurant and met this lady who approached him and asked for my number.

She lied she had lost my number so he ended up giving her the contact. She used to call me every day, she used to send me photos adding that she couldn’t live without me.

She only stopped after I threatened to tell her bosses what she was doing, aliachana na mimi maybe nlichapa.”

eddie butita
eddie butita

Butita has for some time been rumored to be dating fellow actor Mammito.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko Butita hinted that he might still be dating Mammito.

Asked whether he and Mammito had broken up, Butita responded

That is a question that needs to be answered by two people. When she comes you can ask me when she’s around.”

Do they communicate?

“I am not a snitch. I don’t talk about people when they aren’t around. You guys of the media should realize that. You should be able to have a couple’s interview.

Si ati unadandia relationship questions when we have come to do charity.”

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