Butita And Vincent Mboya Clash At YY’s Birthday Party

Vincent Mboya popularly known as 18K Guy has accused comedian Eddie Butita of humiliating him in public by chasing him away from their VIP section last night.

Mboya said that he had been invited to attend comedian YY’s birthday party and upon getting to the club, a bouncer ushered him to the VIP section.

“When I got to the VIP, I found Butita, Mungai Eve, YY, some of his friends and some SPM Buzz guys. I said hello to all of them but when I got to Butita, he ignored my hand and I also moved on and went and sat down. It didn’t even take five minutes, Butita stood up and came and told me to leave the VIP and he called me crazy,” he said.

Vincent Mboya
Vincent Mboya

He added that he tried reasoning with him by telling him not to cause a scene since they were in front of people but he did not hear him, so he had no option but to leave the club and head back home.

Mboya alleged Butita’s issue with him began in Mombasa when the comedian referred to him as a crazy person and he responded by telling him he was the crazy one between them because he had money but was dressing like a regular broke person.

This he said made the entertainer dislike him and have a grudge with him but he hopes the two will squash the beef.

Source: TUKO

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