Brown Mauzo Denies Breakup Rumors With Vera Sidika

In a recent phone call with blogger Ankali Ray, Brown Mauzo denied rumors that he had broken up with Vera Sidika. He confirmed that they are still together and living in the same house.

Mauzo said that the breakup posts that Vera had been putting up on social media were just a reflection of “real life” and that “things happen.” He added that they are not planning to have any more children, but that they will leave it all up to God.

Vera Sidika And Brown Mauzo

The singer also said that he has no problem with Vera playing songs by her ex-boyfriend, Otile Brown, because he listens to him as well.

The couple’s relationship has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, after they limited the number of pictures and videos they shared of themselves together. However, Mauzo’s denial of the breakup rumors suggests that they are still very much together.

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