Breeder Brags About His Academic Intelligence

Kenyan artist Breeder LW is proud about being a bright student during his school days.

In an interview with Obinna, Breeder says he is an A material and can not perform below that.

“I am an A material and cannot manage to score anything far from A, if I score a different grade whom will I leave the A for?” he posed.

Breeder LW

The ‘Bio na Chem’ hitmaker defended his style of music saying it is just an art of expression and people should not put into practice what he lays in his music.

In the song, Breeder says school is hell and scoring an F in biology and chemistry is the plan since there are no jobs even if one puts all efforts to get a degree.

He says the song is only for entertainment purposes and to represent school culture.

“I was in Kipsoen Boys high school in Eldoret, and there was so much drama. So I decided to sing about the drama from the school and people loved the song,” Breeder LW said

At the beginning of his music video, Breeder had a disclaimer to make people especially students understand that the song is only meant to entertain them and not practice anything from the music.

“This video is for entertainment purposes only. The lyrics and acts depicted are merely for entertainment and not to be taken seriously,” the disclaimer read.

Breeder has advised students to put extra effort into their school work as it is the only place that will tell where they will be in the future.

Breeder LW says that his family is blessed with intelligent people. He however says his younger brother is different from them since he is in CBC.

“We are all intelligent though my younger brother is getting overwhelmed with this new system of education,” says Bazenga Daddy.

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