Block Asap! Amber Ray Blocks 100k followers In Crazy Week

Amber Ray doesn’t play around when it comes to policing her Instagram page. The mother of one has gone on a purge, blocking over 100k followers in the past week.

One just has to look at the follower count to realise this fact. She has 1.9 million people following her down from 2 million a week ago.

Earlier today, the socialite herself spoke on this issue in her Instastories this weekend where said,

“Damn block button has been my best friend lately. I don’t mind going back to 1 million but I will not allow anyone to bring negativity on my page. Talk about me on your own pages.”

Amber Ray And Nicah The Queen

Amber blocking people who are talking badly about her comes days after gospel singer, Nicah the Queen attacked her online.

Nicah went on a rampage and admonished women to pray for their hubby as women like Amber are allegedly using witchcraft to snatch husbands from other women.

Until today, it looked like Nicah’s attacks hadn’t caused any damage to Amber but it seems that she might have lit a spark among Amber’s detractors.

Blocking 100k people is no small number. Many Instagram influencers haven’t even reached the 100k milestone as far as followers go.

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