Big Ted Roasts Jeff Koinange For Screaming After Running Into Thieves At City Centre (Video)

State House Deputy Director of Brand Strategy and Events Thomas Kwaka alias Big Ted recalled how he and Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange ran into a gang of thieves at night in Nairobi.

Big Ted was speaking during an interview with NTV’s Dr Kingori over the weekend where they discussed details about his life.

One of the things that caught the interviewers interest was Big Ted’s deep voice and whether it was natural.

“Hii sauti nanongea nayo ni sauti ya job, nikufukuzwa na magondi huko nje ni soprano (This is my work voice, if I was being chased by robbers it would be soprano)” he explained before going on to narrate how he and Jeff Koinange were accosted by thieves one night.

Big Ted

“Tulikuwa tunatembea na Jeff Koinange hapo Yaya maboyz wakatokea. Jeff kugeuka hakuna cha Oh My God, the thieves..hakuna..jamaa alitoka mpaka akaanza kubonga kiswahili (We were walking with Jeff Koinange around Yaya Centre when a gang approached. Jeff span around and forgot his deep voice and ran…he even started speaking in Swahili),” he said.

Before being appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013, Big Ted has worked on the presidential campaign trail as an MC.

Source: Pulse

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