Bien Explains Why Most Men Cheat

Ladies! Bein is talking and for once – he has revealed one reason why most men cheat on their spouses and from what he says – mmmh he might just have a point.

Okay I know there will never be a good reason for cheating but truth is, it happens – matter of fact it could be happening right now and problem is – you can’t stop a man or woman from cheating. Its a personal decision…one that is well planned, calculated and executed at the right time.

Bien Sauti Sol
Bien Sauti Sol

For this reason – Bien who is a married man (now that he is done exploring) recently spoke to SPM buzz revealing that most men cheat women….women don’t want to give them space. According to the singer – you’ll find most women always nagging with phone calls uko wapi or just sending funny funny messages to their spouses when out kaa basi na huyo anakufurahisha – hence forcing them to look for less stressful options.

Well at his age, I want to believe the Sauti Sol singer knows what he is talking about – I mean he has had his fair share of women by now right?

Speaking during the interview, Bien said;

Madame imagine ukipea chali yako tu freedom akue who he wants imagine hatacheat


Machali hucheat cause kwa keja umewekewa boundaries mingi na umefanyishwa ma PE mingi za kuambiwa uko wapi…umekula.useful.

And with such insecurities one ends up driving their man away yet…all a man wants in a woman is freedom…freedom to live as an adult and not getting mothered around by a spouse.

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