Betty Kyallo Wonders How She Dated Okari For 4 Years Only For Their Marriage To Crumble After 6 Months

Betty Kyallo reflected on her failed marriage to Dennis Okari seven years after they went their separate ways.

Speaking during an interview with Dr King’ori, Betty wondered how her marriage crumbled so fast when she had dated Okari for four long years.

“I’m still trying to comprehend how it all happened. We were together for four years before getting married, but after just six months, everything fell apart,” Betty said.

The mother of one further speculated that her white wedding gown was what caused her marriage to hit rock bottom after only six months.

Betty Kyallo wonders how she dated Okari for 4 years only for their marriage to crumble after 6 months

“I can’t help but think there might be something wrong with that white dress,” she added.

Betty shared her belief about the African superstition that excessive talk or boasting about something can invite bad luck, suggesting that it could have played a role in her marital woes.

The 34-year-old additionally acknowledged that sometimes things are simply not meant to be and attempting to force a failing relationship can’t work.

Mercy Kyallo made a light remark about her sister Betty’s brief marriage, joking that her failed marriage was like a school course.

“Six months of marriage, was that a course or what was that?” Mercy said.

Okari and Betty dated for four years and were blessed with a daughter Ivanna before they got married.

The two decided to tie the knot shortly after Ivanna’s birth, they exchanged vows in a colourful wedding held on October 2, 2015.

However, Betty and Okari went their separate ways just six months after their wedding. Rumours swirled that infidelity was what caused of their breakup.

After their marriage crumbled around April 2016, both Betty and Okari also moved on with their lives and went on to date other people.

Okari remarried in February 2019, he tied the knot with Joy Naomi in an invite-only ceremony held at a location on Kiambu Road.

Betty dated other men including lawyer Nick Ndeda. She is currently in a relationship with a mystery man whose identity she has refused to revealed.

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