It is no secret that celebrities like Betty Kyallo would spend thousands of cash just to make their children happy.

I mean with good money one can buy any sort of gift for their children; and in todays case, Betty seems to have gone out by buying a toy motorcycle for her baby girl.

The bubbly mum went on to unveil the new gift through her Instagram page where she shared a couple of photos showing off daughter’s new bike.

According to the lady, her daughter has always shown signs of being a biker; and for this reason, she then decided to buy one for her baby.


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A post shared by Betty Kyallo ???????? (@bettymuteikyallo)

On one of the photos shared Betty went on to caption it saying;

“Hooked my baby up with a bike???? she be rolling next to mummy. She’s a biker girl”

This gift comes right after Christmas and being a mummy’s girl – I mean why not. Looking at the bike gifted to Ivanna, it’s evident to see that Betty Kyallo may have spent a couple of thousands to acquire it.


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A post shared by Betty Kyallo ???????? (@bettymuteikyallo)

Looking at some of the online toy shops, the bike is estimated to cost around Ksh 50,000 to 100,000. But since I’m sure she got it from a mall, let’s just say Betty coughed out some real good money.

Source: Ghafla

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