Betty Kyallo Gifts daughter, Ivanna A New Ridiculously Expensive Toy

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It is no secret that celebrities like Betty Kyallo would spend thousands of cash just to make their children happy.

I mean with good money one can buy any sort of gift for their children; and in todays case, Betty seems to have gone out by buying a toy motorcycle for her baby girl.

The bubbly mum went on to unveil the new gift through her Instagram page where she shared a couple of photos showing off daughter’s new bike.

According to the lady, her daughter has always shown signs of being a biker; and for this reason, she then decided to buy one for her baby.

On one of the photos shared Betty went on to caption it saying;

“Hooked my baby up with a bike🏍 she be rolling next to mummy. She’s a biker girl”

This gift comes right after Christmas and being a mummy’s girl – I mean why not. Looking at the bike gifted to Ivanna, it’s evident to see that Betty Kyallo may have spent a couple of thousands to acquire it.

Looking at some of the online toy shops, the bike is estimated to cost around Ksh 50,000 to 100,000. But since I’m sure she got it from a mall, let’s just say Betty coughed out some real good money.

Source: Ghafla

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