Betty Kyallo Considers Leaving Kenya Because Of Her Younger Sister

Betty Kyallo says that she wishes she could be the youngest of her sisters. This is  because small sisters are very expensive.

The mother of one lamented that she has to spend a lot of her money on her younger sister Gloria as if she is the one who gave birth to her.

“Small sisters are great but they are so expensive. Sometimes I wish I was the small one. I have so much pressure, msionange naslay Instagram, I am suffering with this girl. I am suffering, if I blink twice just know I need help. I can’t be mum did I give birth to you? The other day Ivanna said that she doesn’t want to go to school, I asked utakula pesa gani she said ya mum,” Betty said.

Betty Kyallo

She added that she is now contemplating moving out of the country because it was like she is paying black tax by taking care of her sister’s expenses.

“This providing, this is black tax, I think I will just  just move out of this country, right now I am going to buy her food,” she noted.

Gloria however told her that even if she goes abroad, she will still be spending on her from there and she will be even in a better position.

“You will be spending from huko kwanza huko it’s big box,” she responded.

Betty Kyallo tabled the complain after Gloria said that big sisters are meant for money and phones, countering her earlier statement that small sisters are  meant to be disturbed.

Gloria had also complained that Betty, made her stand in the middle of the street, risking her life, so that she can take her photos for Instagram.

“Small sisters are there kusumbuliwa that is their job on earth, that is what they were send on earth to do,” the former news anchor said.

The two engaged in the light moment while coming from an interview at Capital FM.

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