Berla Mundi Apologizes After She Was Accused For Being Insensitive To The Matters Of Rape

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Radio and TV personality, Berla Mundi has finally apologized on behalf of herself and her audience for giggling while a rape victim shares her ordeal.

An excerpt of the interview which was posted by Berla Mundi on Instagram was met with disappointment by some Ghanaians including celebrities and other famous personalities.

As serious as rape is, the audience kept giggling during the interview and some Ghanaian celebrities reacted to the excerpt of the video posted by Berla Mundi. They described the host and her audience as “insensitive” for treating rape as a joke.

According to Stephanie Benson, her reaction is borne from a distressed rape victim who saw the interview and was not happy about how it was discussed.

In response to the outcry, Berla Mundi apologized to her fans and followers. She wrote, “We apologize for the crowd’s reaction. We called them to order during the taping of the episode. ????????



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