Bahati Sued By Videographer (Letter)

Contemporary artiste turned politician Bahati has been served with lawsuit papers over non-payment for services rendered.

Katunga Mbuvi Advocates were contracted by videographer Jeremiah Mathambu Thomas alias JT to represent him in the suit that is seeking Ksh 150,000 over unpaid dues.

The letter dated March 30, 2022, JT is demanding,

“the immediate payment of the outstanding and agreed amount for the video and presenter services given to you by our client in your E. M.B Media which services you consumed.”


It read:

“TAKE NOTICE That if the above-stated sum of Ksh. 150,000/. Is NOT paid to our client, JEREMIAH MATHAMBU THOMAS within the next SEVEN days from the date of service of this demand letter. We have clear and mandatory instructions to institute a recovery suit against you at The High Court in Nairobi without any further reference to you.”

Bahati Being Sued

In the past, Bahati has butted heads with investors, producers and car sellers over defaulting of payments.

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