Bahati Gifts Diana Brand New Land Cruiser Prado TX As An Early Valentine’s Gift

Singer Bahati has bought his wife Diana Marua, who recently launched her musical career, a brand new Land Cruiser Prado TX as a Valentines’ gift.

The celebrity couple is known for going out of their way for each other during the love season.

Diana Marua took to her Instagram account to thank her husband for the special gift. The elated rapper uploaded a video of her flaunting the keys to her new car.

“I have no words, I am speechless, I am Breathless. Thank you Babe @BahatiKenya We have come from far and we can only go further from here. You’ve made all my dreams come true. This car is my gift for my hard work in content creation, I’m still in shock. Thaaaaaaannnkkkk you,” the Youtuber posted.

Bahati Gifting Diana A Brand New Car
Bahati Gifting Diana A Brand New Car

On his side, Bahati stated that the luxurious car was just a small Valentine’s gift to his wife as he revealed that it was the first of the many gifts that he has lined up for Diana.

“Just a Small Valentines Gift to My Wife 🚘
Enjoy Your 3rd Gift My Love @Diana_Marua WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL BE MY LAST GIFT TO 14TH FEBRUARY???” he posted.

Source: K24

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