Bahati And Diana Marua To Exchange Vows In December 2023

Renowned singer Bahati has officially disclosed the highly anticipated date for his forthcoming wedding with content creator Diana Marua.

The couple, who have been in the spotlight for their romantic journey, will be tying the knot on December 12th, 2023.

A video capturing Bahati’s second proposal to Diana Marua has taken social media by storm, generating widespread interest and excitement.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Diana, a mother of three, joyfully accepted Bahati’s heartfelt proposal, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

Bahati wasted no time in sharing the news with his fans, taking to his social media accounts to announce their wedding date.

He expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “She said Yes, and I officially announce that 12th December 2023 is our wedding day.” Alongside the announcement, Bahati shared a touching message, declaring his unwavering love for his soon-to-be wife.

Diana Marua responded to the announcement with an outpouring of gratitude and emotion.

Overwhelmed by the day’s events, she shared, “I didn’t know this day would end with my heart full. My Hubby @bahatikenya surprised me with his first gift of 2023, and this was how the day unfolded!!!! The God of Diana Bahati… Thank you.”

She expressed her deep appreciation for God’s blessings and conveyed her excitement about marrying her best friend.

In a heartfelt statement, Diana thanked God for His unwavering love and guidance throughout their relationship. She acknowledged His teachings on unconditional love, respect, and the importance of being submissive in marriage.

With reverence, Diana thanked God for the auspicious day, December 12th, 2023, when she will walk down the aisle with her beloved and create a historical moment.

The couple first got engaged in January 2019 during Bahati’s sold-out New Year’s Eve show in Thika.

In front of a massive crowd, Bahati got down on both knees and proposed to Diana, capturing the hearts of thousands of fans.

During the launch of Bahati’s album, ‘Love Like This,’ Diana explained their decision not to legalize their marriage yet.

She shared that they wanted their children to fully comprehend and appreciate the significance of their wedding ceremony.

Diana stated, “We are not legally married, but we are set to start our wedding plans very soon. I just wanted my son to grow up to know and understand that my parents are actually walking down the aisle. Not this year but soon.”

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