Bahati And Diana Earning Sh3 million A Month From YouTube-Former Videographer Alleges

Bahati and Diana Marua are allegedly earning Ksh 3 million a month. This is according to Bahati’s former videographer, JT Mzeiya.

JT dropped this huge bombshell when speaking to YouTube channel LAX MEDIA AFRICA who had asked him whether content creation is a viable income generator in Kenya?

The man started out by saying that a comedian like Crazy Kennar can buy an expensive car as he is making enough money as a content creator.

“TX kama hiyo ni Ksh 14 million. But the cheapest can be Ksh 12 million. Getting Ksh 12 million for someone like Crazy Kennar would be very easy if he has the numbers.”


He then gave his own anecdote saying that Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are together pulling close to Ksh 3 million on their two YouTube channels.

“Someone like Bahati when I was working for him, a video that Diana had done would get let’s say a 100k views…Those guys would make close to Ksh 3 million a month.”

He then explained the secret of making money on YouTube referring to a conversation that Terence Creative had had with Bahati.

“You see what happens on YouTube it’s all about watch hours. How many times do people click on your channel plus the amount of time they spent on a particular video. If you compare that with musicians who have 3-minute videos, content creators who have longer videos make more money.”

Before adding,

“I can remember when we were shooting the video for ‘Adhiambo’, Terence told Bahati to enter acting as it was the place with the money. Terence came to the shoot with 3 Range Rovers. One for him and his wife, another for the make-up guys, and the other for the technical guys. I was the videographer. He said that acting has more money than even music. YouTube ina dough.”

Bahati currently has 979,000 followers on his YouTube Channel while Diana’s page (which is barely 2 years old) has 684,000 followers.

Watch JT Mzeiya’s interview below;

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