Back With A Bang! Naiboi Relieved After Getting Off Universal Music label

Singer Naiboi is finally at peace after being released from the Universal Music Label contract.

The award-winning artist has been missing in action for quite some time leaving fans wondering about his whereabouts.

Taking to his Instagram, the “2 in 1” hitmaker announced his comeback, saying that he is now free to release his songs.

“Finally free to release music/Been a tough 3-year situation. But hey why complain when i can killem widdit” he captioned.


Late last year, the singer had disclosed the frustration he was receiving from his management through his Facebook page.

He disclosed that he had almost 800 unreleased songs making him feel like his music career was coming to an end.

“All I ever wanted is to release music for my fans. And I know my fans are wondering what happened to Naiboi. My hands have been tied for almost two years now. And I am tired of being at mercy. I might need serious lawyers.

I might I think. I miss Naiboi as much as you do. Pray for me. I keep everything to myself a lot. But I’ve come to an end. I love music so much it hurts me. I have almost 800 songs I cant release even a single one of them,” he wrote.

Now that he is back, fans could not keep calm as they warmly welcomed him back like he never left.

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