Back To The Streets! Shakilla kicked Out Of Posh Kilimani Apartment Over Rent

I guess it’s no longer 2020 where Shakilla’s name would excite fans. Thanks to club Covid, the now 20 year old will forever be remembered for her remote stunt – which gained her fame but at the same time painted her in the worst possible way.

For some reason, unlike other famous young ladies this one didn’t invest her money wisely which explains why she might have been kicked out from apartment she was living in. From what we have heard is that Shakilla was recently left homelesss after a friend of hers decided to kick her out for failure of settling bills.

Word making rounds is that Shakilla had failed to pay part of her rent for months – hence making it hard for the roommate who was cost sharing the bills with the socialite. Having had enough – she then decided to have her belongings removed from the apartment.

Shakilla House
Shakilla House

Socialite Shakilla on the other hand appears to have come across the stories which she now refers to as rumors aimed at tainting her image.

In a now deleted video, the lady went on to bash her haters for always trying to bring her down; and reminded them that she remains at the top and won’t be stooping low to unrealistic rumors.

This however comes at a time when she was said to have parted ways with her Nigerian boyfriend – who also had kicked her out of his apartment. Kizungumkuti.

But at 20 years – I guess this is just the beginning of her making mistakes that will help her grow up. No?

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