“Babe Tell Them Who Your Dad Is” Francis Atwoli’s Daughter Recalls Dumping Ex Who Wanted to Use Dad’s Name after He Was Pulled Over

Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) boss Francis Atwoli’s daughter Maria Atwoli remembers when she dumped an ex of hers after he asked her to call her dad when they got stopped by traffic police.

She stated she had to push with the breakup because she did not consider the act manly.

The law graduate noted she considered it petty, but she was pissed when the guy asked her to tell the cops who her dad was. She wrote:

“I’ve just rem one petty reason That made me dump someone…Tumeshikwa na Traffic cops instead ajitete kama mwanaume akasema Babe tell them who your dad is….Never been pissed like that before.”

Francis Atwoli

That her ex-man wanted to bring her father’s name into the misdemeanour did not sit right with her at all.

This had her fans asking if it was really ‘unmanly’ when one call from her father would have settled everything.

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