AY Poyoo Indicates He Is Too Ugly To Become A Medical Doctor

Ghanaian sensation AY Poyoo has in a recent interview made a hilarious claim on why he cannot become a Doctor.

The ‘Goat’ hitmaker in an interview session with Delay on her ‘Delay Show‘ indicated that her mother wanted her to become a doctor but unfortunately he couldn’t fulfill his mother’s dreams.

One would think that his inability to become a Doctor might be as a result of him being not smart enough or not having the passion to be a Doctor. But his reason was far from that.

In response to not being able to become a Doctor, AY Poyoo said.

Imagine you going into a coma and then upon recovery, you, meet a doctor like me standing in front of you at the hospital, what will you do? I’m very sure you’ll die again out of panic.

He hilariously said the first time he looked into the mirror, he got scared and asked himself if his mother downloaded him from google play store, lol.



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