Avril Gifts Baby Daddy J Blessing Flashy Range Rover And We Wonder Where She Got The Monies

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Okay, don’t get me wrong on this, I’m not saying Avril is broke but at the same time I don’t expect her to gift someone a Range Rover let alone owning one.

So apparently, Avril who has for the longest time been rumoured to in an affair with video director Jibril Blessing (J Blessing) has gifted him a new flashy Range Rover.

According to Nairobi News, a flashy Range Rover that J Blessing has lately been spotted cruising in town as he goes about his daily hustle, does actually belong to Avril.

“That Range Rover that you might have spotted JB (J Blessing) driving isn’t actually his. It belongs to Nyambz (Avril Nyambura). She bought the luxurious wheels from her home-coming concert proceedings which was very successful. She made a kill,”

A source who has worked with the two artists for a while now, told Nairobi News.


In 2017, the Nakuru based lass hosted a homecoming concert to thank her fans as she celebrated a decade in the music industry.

The concert was well attended and attracted good sponsorship, generating a fortune for the talented singer who has since taken a back seat in music.

It is also claimed that In February 2018, when it emerged that Avril was pregnant, J Blessing who is a baby daddy to multiple women, decided to give Avril his BMW 3 Series worth approximately Sh3.5 million, to ease her travel around the city.

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