‘Auze Hio Kitu Yake Polepole’- Weezdom Insults Ex-Girlfriend Mylee As He Refers To Her As A Cheap Wh*re

Weezdom & his ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey are yet to settle their differences over the years that they’ve been in an on and off relationship.

It’s understandable to have ups & downs in relationships, but for them, it’s just way too much. They can’t seem to find a solution to their never ending drama.

They recenlty separated yet again, even after Weezdom promising to marry her to take their relationship a notch higher when they were still together.

Weezdom And Mylee

The pair have split on several occasions with accusations of infidelity. At one time, Mylee was accused of cheating on Weezdom with FBI dancer Ezra.

Weezdom has now hurled insults at Mylee; purporting that she’s a cheap whore.

”My previous girlfriend Mylee is a cheap whore who should stop texting me and calling my wife usiku… Anisahau na auze hio kitu yake pole pole bila pressure.”

Weezdom, recently announced his comeback to the music industry with a secular song. We don’t know if all this is a bluff just for kiki.

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