“Angalia Roho Sio Looks” Stivo Simple Boy’s Lover Advice To Ladies Who Are Seeking Soulmates

Singer Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend Purity has showered the singer with praises while opening up about why she has stuck with him for so many years.

The young lass who met the musician back in 2016 when she was still in school said the musician is a very kind man who respects her and treats her well.

In an interview with Eve Mungai, Purity disclosed that her boyfriend is not okay and is struggling alone in Kayole after his previous management refused to hand back the accounts they were running for him.

Stivo Simple Boy

She said the Mapenzi Ya Pesa hitmaker had no pins to his bank account, social media pages and the management made sure he was also not on WhatsApp because they lied to him that people will corrupt him via the platform.

When asked why she’s been with the artiste for all those years despite the challenges he was going through, she said:

“He’s a very humble man, that’s why God lifts him every single day. There are people who get famous just a little bit and become proud. With Simple Boy, you can even teach him, he will give you a listening ear,” she said.

She also told off people who keep trolling her because she is dating the singer and saying she is too big for him.

“Remember if you want a good man, you don’t look for physical appearance, look at his heart. Even those who say I am big should know, he looks at my heart, what I do for him, how I treat him,” she added

Purity said his boyfriend cannot express himself because people take advantage of him but she is teaching him how to do some things.

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