Anerlisa Started Dating New Lover When Still ‘Married’ To Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai is really enjoying herself at the moment. The reason? Her love life is burning brighter and brighter just like a supernova.

Yesterday evening The Nero Water Company CEO shared an Instagram clip of herself with the source of her joy right now, her boyfriend, Melvin.

What was fascinating was her revelation about when she started dating him. She wrote in the Instagram clip,

“Can’t believe I am almost one year with you, 20th June.”

Anerlisa Muigai

That would mean that Anerlisa started dating the handsome, chocolate-skinned Melvin just two months after she and Ben Pol had started divorce proceedings.

Anerlisa Muigai

This would mean that Anerlisa started dating Melvin when she was still ‘technically” married. In an interview he did in August last year on Simulizi na Sauti, Ben had admitted that although they were yet to divorce each other lawfully, neither wanted anything to do with the other.

“At the moment, because it is true I was the one that filed for divorce, I think when it comes to divorce matters, it entails a lot, and because of that it is still ongoing. But the status is that according to the Tanzanian law, we are still bound, but emotionally I bet none of us wants to be with each other,” he said.

Anerlisa still was done posting and added a motivational message for her fans where she told them that they shouldn’t settle for less from the people they were dating.

“Someone will willingly meet your standards without you having to remind them. Don’t settle for less,” she penned.

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