Anerlisa Says She Is Tired Of Men Eating Her Money

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Anerlisa Muigai is complaining about men using their women’s money.

Through her social media platforms, the Keroche Breweries heiress said it feels different when a man comes home and throws you a “loose $500” (Sh563,000) from whatever deals he makes.

“We enjoy the spoiling too,”she said.

Despite being from a wealthy family, she said she wanted a man to spend his money on her.

“We are tired of people eating our money. May our money rest.”

Early this year, she told men to stop looking for wealthy women to keep them.

“Looking for independent women to take care of you is really short term. Women, too, get tired of taking care of you! If you know, you know. He will never love you for you, he will love you for what you can offer, and once the offers stop, so does his time for you,” she said.

Her ex-husband Ben Pol’s flashy lifestyle was questioned and most people alleged that he was kept by Anerlisa. Ben Pol, however, said he has never been bothered by his ex-wife’s wealth or age.

Source: The Star 

Ben Pol Files For Divorce From Anerlisa Muigai


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