Andrew Kibe Vs Amerix! Whose The Better Men’s Defender?

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have picked their best men’s representative in a poll conducted by

Acccording to KOT, Amerix is the better coach for men’s issues than former radio host Andrew Kibe.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

@EscoWilliam77 said:

“It’s not okay to compare since everyone has different logic in interpretation Amerix’s teaching is on value, situation and life management as men, in short how to handle self. Kibe’s is more of the aftermath in a situation once it’s done.”

Amerix And Andrew Kibe

@MungaiRober commented:

“Amerix any day. He’s the father most of us didn’t have.”

@SwakaJeffray said:

“Kibe is everything.”

@KaWanjiru said:

“Kibe talks from his experiences with women and numerous heartbreaks. That’s why I follow his advice. Amerix is just a theoretical couch.”

@JeffdaceoKE said:

“Amerix all the way. Well versed with health matters, diet, physical fitness, mental health, handling women, masculinity etc. He’s the king of men!”

@oburusam added:

“Amerix, coz he condemns and gives remedies but Kibe just condemns, no appropriate courses of action.

@Theanjenga asked:

“Be serious guys, whocan take life advice from Kibe surely?”

@housmane_ added:

“Amerix off course is better only that with kibe it’s more of a live thing which most people don’t like or rather give much concern and priority.”

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