Andrew Kibe Scolds Eve Mungai For Disrespecting Her Boyfriend Trevor

Popular YouTuber Eve Mungai recently found herself vulnerable to online trolls after a section of fans thought she’s not respecting her boyfriend Trevor enough.

They based their argument on the fact that Mungai started making money more than him.

The two sweethearts celebrated their 2nd anniversary last week; and were interviewed while at the Coast. The interview led to the heated debate that had numerous fans attacking Mungai Eve.


Mungai Eve And Her Boyfriend Trevor
Mungai Eve And Her Boyfriend Trevor

To begin with, she exposed her boyfriend as a spendthrift who can’t even afford buying her a dining table.

His was among the few things that Mungai divulged to embarrass Trevor during the interview.

Upon seeing the interview, Andrew Kibe’s reaction was imminent. The Rogue radio CEO has scolded Mungai on the issue; and states that even though she disrespected her man, he should also man up.

He also stated that after making money, both are salivating to be on the limelight.

”… And now that they have some small shigidi shigide in their pockets, they’re unable to handle it, everyone wants the limelight. Even when you’re talking, she continues talking. Because now, you’re saying nothing. You’re a walking dildo.”

Source: Ghafla

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