Andrew Kibe Predicts Director Trevor Will Suffer Same Fate As Mulamwah

So far we can say Kibe is among the hated Kenyan content creators – but in his defense y’all don’t like hearing the truth!

I mean, at his age – don’t you think he has seen it all? So why hate when all he wants to do is help these young men style up and stop simping like Mulamwah did.

Weighing in on Mulamwah’s recent outburst on ex Sonnie – Kibe not only feels the comedian failed the male community; but sees his as a whimp, who can’t get over his ex, which is a shame.

Mungai Eve (1)

Adding – this is why he can’t stop airing her dirt online.

And since fans are already tired of the Mulamwah stories – Kibe turned his focus to one Director Trevor kafukuzwi who he predicts will suffer same fate as Mulamwah. This is because Kibe see’s Trevor as a soft man easily commanded around by his girlfriend, Mungai Eve.

Addressing a video of Ringtone gifting Mungai Eve cash on her 22nd birthday, Kibe was quickly to claim the body languages between these two was that of watu wanajuana.

Actually what he said is that Mungai Eve is always dropping giggles and laughs whenever around Ringtone….which says a lot.

However to save a brother a heartache in future, Andrew Kibe told Trevor;

Trevor tafadhali, nunua towel kama hii because Kusweat utasweat very soon utalia kama Omosh.

Adding that Trevor should probably think of starting his own Vblog – because when the breakup happens, things will get ugly!

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