Amira Hits Back At Jamal Asks Him To Focus On His ‘Kachumbari’

Influencer Amira and her ex-husband, Jamal Rohosafi have taken their dirty linen on social media again.

The two engaged in a heated social media spat after Jamal trolled her yesterday.

Amira and Jamal allegedly separated after Jamal started dating socialite Amber Ray.

Jimal And Amira

Jamal shared a cryptic message on his Instagram page with his followers insinuating that it was aimed at Amira.

In the post, Jamal stated that people should date or marry a partner who can easily forgive and not one who remembers every wrong that has been done to them.

“When You are Dating To Marry, Date A Forgiving Partner, Not The One That Will Drag Issues From Nazareth To Galile,” he wrote.

Well, Amira did not let the troll by her estranged husband sink.

Responding to a comment on a post on her Instagram page, Amira hit back at Jamal by simply asking him to focus on his other relationships.

“Walahi Jamal amejichuna maskio. Na iwe funzo kwa wengine wenye tabia kama yake. When a woman decides it’s done,” a fan wrote.

Amira replied; “Akule kachumbari zake pole pole.”

Another fan told her that she looked better after dumping Jamal to which she responded;

“Kuolewa kunapararisha.”

A few months ago, Jamal pleaded with his estranged first wife Amira to take him back months after their separation.

According to Amira, the apology had put her back in one of the darkest places in her life since so much disrespect happened during that time.

“Since y’all been restless tagging me left right & center. Here is my response.

That apology has taken me back to one of the darkest places I have ever been in my life because I have reflected on so much that happened in public and behind closed doors and it has triggered a lot of emotions,” she wrote.

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