Amber Ray’s Close Friend Dies While Receiving Skin Bleaching Injection

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Amber Ray‘s best friend and Kilimani Mum’s founder Sally Wangeci reportedly died on Sunday night after their family doctor administered an intravenous injection for vitamin C.

A police report at the Kilimani Division revealed about the death of the 39 year old Sally Wangeci who later became unconscious immediately after receiving the injection.

”It was reported by one Griffin Chogo that last night (0100hrs), he (reportee) together with his wife were given an intravenous injection for vitamin C supplement by their family doctor in their house.

”The wife, namely Sally Wangeci aged 39 years became unconscious and was rushed to Nairobi hospital at around 0300hrs where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Action taken: Scene was visited and processed by SOC personnel. The body was moved to Lee funeral home pending autopsy. Case PUI.” Read the police report (OB).

However, the source which quoted blogger Edgar Obare claimed that Amber Ray’s friend was killed after she opted for a skin whitening injection.

Edgar revealed that Sally died after receiving a whitening injection (intravenous injection for vitamin c supplement). As reported, Sally was being given this supplement by a family doctor in her house. Sadly, she died before finishing the procedure.

Reports further claim that Sally was high while receiving the injection which made her blood pressure go up to uncontrollable levels.

“She was undergoing that process Amber goes to do for Glutathione/Vit C while she was still high on alcohol. Her blood pressure went up and the unfortunate happened. I work with Sally’s cousin and we were together when she received the saddening phone call to inform her of her demise.” Said the source familiar with the incident.

The death of Sally Wangecis shocked many people who knew her with most of them rushing to send their condolences to the family of the deceased.

Source: JalangoTV 

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