Amber Ray Shows Off House Under Renovation

Socialite Amber Ray is planning to relocate to a new house soon.

Sharing snippets of her soon-to-be new home on social media, the mother of one said that she was more than excited to move and is looking forward to adding a touch of her style to the house, which is currently under renovation.

“Yeeey paint work almost done. Can’t wait to add Amber’s touch in this house,” she said.

Amber Ray

The video shows other humongous rooms in the house that Amber says are too big for her.

“This bathroom is bigger than my current bedroom, what will I do with all this space,” she added.

The brand ambassador moved to her current residence in Hurlingham, Nairobi area more than a year ago after recurrent squabbles with her ex-boyfriend, Jamal Roho Safi’s estranged wife, Amira.

Knowing Amber to have a solid undefeated spirit, many were taken aback by her news of moving houses less than a month after her altercation with Amira.

The curvaceous brand ambassador said she was forced to relocate since continuing to live in Syokimau put her life and that of her family in danger.

“Can’t wait to move into my new home, #Miss independent. Thank you God for the journey,” she wrote.

“It actually hurts me to move but my peace of mind will always come first. I’m sorry but this place isn’t safe for me anymore,” she added.

The argument, according to Amber, was brought about by Amira’s accusation against her that she had performed black magic on Jamal and managed to steal him from his family.

“I was in the kitchen when I heard her (Amira) call me names, satan, a witch…why did she come to my house? Just because I’m the second wife, I won’t sit down and watch her insult me). I never seduced her man,” narrated Amber.

Despite intervention attempts by security guards, neither of the women agreed to return to their houses. Instead, they shouted at each other, with several onlookers gathered to watch the drama.

Right after her move, the social media influencer took a break unannounced, and netizens could not help but wonder if everything was alright.

“Hey babe, you have not posted for almost 20hours, are you okay?” asked a concerned follower, to which she responded, “Yes I am doing okay. Just here enjoying my new home and uptown life.”

Amber Ray and Jamal, however, broke up not long after the move, with the Chairman of the Association of Matatu operators going on to beg his wife for forgiveness for the disrespect and humiliation he put her through by marrying a second wife.

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