Alikiba And Wife Reunite In Mombasa For Son’s First Birthday

Kamran Kiba, the second-born son of Alikiba and Kenyan wife Amina Khaleef turned one year old.

His famous parents dedicated cute messages to him.

The two on and off again feuding spouses also shared a video hanging out for Kamrans’ birthday that excited fans.

Alikiba And Kenyan Wife

Kiba wrote to Kamran ‘Happy birthday son’ with a balloon emoji while tagging his Instagram account.

Amina on the other hand gushed over her son’s milestone.

Ever since it was revealed that Amina had filed for divorce, fans have been urging them to make up for the sake of love and family.

It is said that Ali Kiba has made the effort to reunite with his Kenyan wife and come to Mombasa on several occasions to make last-ditch efforts.

And it seems that his effort is paying off.

In a video for the one-year-old’s birthday, Ali Kiba and Amina are spotted in a car driving and looking happy.

The smiling couple looks at each other with approving glances. Ali Kiba also plays with the boys, showing his fatherly love.

We only got to learn the young boy’s name last year October, six months after he was born.

A month ago, his wife Amina also celebrated her birthday and he surprised many by publicly wishing her the best.

“Happy birthday to my lovely wife,”

Kiba captioned.

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