Alfred Mutua Explains Why He Still Keeps Photos Of Ex Wife Lilian Ng’ang’a

Unlike your bitter ex deleting your photos from his/her social media pages, Governor Alfred Mutua says he is not planning on deleting ex wife’s Lilian Ng’ang’a’s photos from his social media pages.

Well, you can call it maturity, living in denial or whatever but as far as we now know, Alfred Mutua will not delete his exes photos just because they broke up.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap leader revealed this during a candid interview with Nairobi News, making it known these are memories he treasures.

Alfred Mutua

As we already know, the two had been together for 10 years – meaning they shared more than just pictures but lifetime memories. Speaking on why he still has her photos, the Governor said;

This is what I believe in life….that God brings people to your life for whatever period that God chooses and you celebrate the time you spend with those people.

Regardless of any bad outcome or falling out, usually, if you spend a long time with anybody, as a friend, as a lover, as a family, the good times are better and more than the bad times.

Although he may have wanted a better ending (forever together) to his love story with Lilian Ng’ang’a – clearly fate had something else planned out for the two.

However for him this doesn’t mean all is lost. It’s an experience that taught him an important lesson of accepting the position God has put him in. He went on to add;

You don’t just wash away the good times, you celebrate the good times and you accept the position that God has given you and then you move on to what God will give you next and life continues.

The Governor also made it known that he has no plans of renaming their A&L hotel which they both have shares to. According to him, he has no bad blood as rumored

The name of the hotel retains unless God changes….because it’s a company. It’s an outfit by itself, it’s not an individual. You know me I’m a person of a good heart. Me I don’t have vengeance or ill-will…I have goodness and mercy and that’s why God blesses me.

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