Alaaa! You Risk Jail Term For Using Atwoli’s trademarked word

Francis Atwoli has successfully trade marked popular catchphrase Alaa.

The COTU secretary general now owns the intellectual rights to the phrase Alaa, Alaa, Alaa until 2031.

The trademark certificate shows that Mr Atwoli’s application to own the trademark was registered on July 1, 2021. It will expire on July 1, 2031.

Francis Atwoli

Atwoli’s personal assistant Adams Barasa disclosed that musicians and DJs have to seek permission from Atwoli before using the phrase.

Nobody can use the phrase for entertainment purposes, telecommunications, advertisements, games, or clothing, among other uses, without his permission.

“Yes, they should get permission from him. And, any advert can’t use the word ‘alaa!’ unless they get his permission,” he said, noting that any advertisement that contains “alaa” will be deemed to have breached the trademark.

Atwoli made the remark as his utterance about knowing who will not be president after the 2022 General Election. It became a hit on social media, meme lords and musicians uses it widely.

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