Akothee Warns Fans Against Introducing Her To Their Friends

We have to admit each one of us has a specific celebrity we would like to meet in person and mine is Akothee.

Some are role models to us and going an extra mile to meet them ends up in the lurch on several occasions.

The truth is, some of them don’t want to meet you, at all.


Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Esther Akoth is one of those who don’t want such shenanigans from fans, especially those who make phone calls to introduce her to their circle of friends. The mother of 5 has declared that she’s no longer interested in such mannerisms.

This is not the first time Akothee is rebuking such behavior from her fans. It has definitely pissed her off.

Sharing via her Instagram, Akothee purported that it’s disrespectful for fans to introduce celebrities to their circle;

”No celebrity wants to be introduced to your circle! Please stop passing over the phone to people not known to them! ‘Here, speak with my friend so and so, he loves you!’ This is disrespectful.”


Akothee is one of the most sought after female celebrities in the country; and there are several fans yearning to meet her. This is definitely why this won’t end soon. I’d also call her if only I had her phone number!

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