Akothee Wants Married Women To Share Their Husbands With Single Women

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Madam boss Akothee wants married women to share heir husbands with those that are still single and searching.

Yes, you read that right.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, Akothee said that single ladies are equally in need of men, just like the married women.

Dressed in a long dress, with a bottle on her left hand and a machete on the other, Akothee lectures married women who are fond of warning single women to keep off from their husbands.

“Don’t come here and start introducing yourselves to us! Oh, leave my husband alone… leave my husband alone… which husband is this that is yours?”

Akothee rants in the video.

She goes ahead to ask married women whether the men they gave birth to the men they call their husbands.

“You have been with them all the time during Corona, can’t you be helped?”

She posses.

She further tells married women who are not ready to share their husbands to tie them at home and stay with them.

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