Akothee To Andrew Kibe: You Are Broke, Bitter And Toxic

Kenyan entertainer Akothee has hit out at content creator Andrew Kibe for constantly picking on celebrities, warning him that she might take legal action.

Through a rant on her pages, Akothee accused the former radio host of misleading a generation through what she termed as a smear campaign aimed at soiling celebrities and fellow content creators.

Describing him as bitter and broke, Akothee said the former NRG Radio and Kiss FM presenter is a failure who thrives on insulting others.

“Andrew Kibe be careful let not clout chasing push you to jail. You are not above the law to just wake up and rant. We all understand you are broke bitter and toxic, you can create all types of content. But I will not allow you to go this far.

“You are a failure in life, therefore you see your life inside other people’s success. You mislead the young generation with your toxic product. Anyone following Kibe must be a toxic person,” she wrote.

Akothee and Kibe
Akothee and Kibe

Kibe has made a living through content creation and his Youtube channel has steadily grown with time. With over 2.5k videos and a following of over 400k, Kibe has cut a niche for himself and delivers his messages hard and cold.

He claims to speak for the ‘boychild’ but many have bashed him for criticizing and ridiculing women in his videos.

Akothee asked Kibe to look for something better to do instead of constantly following the lives of celebrities in Kenya while he is abroad.

“Kibe, you are not us based (in the USA)…you are a Kenyan reject hiding in the US…while men at your age are busy working from 8 to 5 you are busy monitoring people’s lives.

“If you are doing well in the US can you document your life for a week without touching personalities? Can you post for us bills that you take care of huko US. We shall bring you back to Kenya to answer all the questions you are raising. You must be accountable for your deeds…” she wrote.

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