Akothee Is Looking for a Woman to Save New Buddy from Dry Spell

Akothee is at it again, saving humanity. She is currently looking for a woman to save her newest buddy from ‘dry spell.’ 

Martin Otieno is the second man on wheelchair the singer has generously offered to support in a span of just a few weeks.

Introducing Martin to her social media followers, Akothee said the man whose personal details we are yet to uncover made some requests.

That he acquires a new home, get a wife and settle down.

According to the singer, granting him his wishes is something she can do.
However, she had no promises of helping him get a wife. She pointed out that even she does not have a husband.
“Do you remember Martin Otieno His wish is to have a new home ,get a wife and settle down, A home I can get for him, but a wife, even me I dont have a husband,” she captioned the photos of both of them.
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She also called upon volunteers who would help her clean up Martin’s room.
“It stinks like crazy,” she said.
But that was then, two days ago. It appears the mother of 5 now has Martin settled in and alright.
She is now working on his third wish: getting a wife.
In a social media post on June 9, Akothee posted that she was looking for a wife for his friend.
According to her, she cannot imagine the kind of dry spell Martin was in. She also encouraged him by stating that he isn’t “alone.”
She assures any woman that is interested that money isn’t a problem as they will be sorted out.
She is willing to provide for all of their needs and even set up a business for them.
“Can I get someone to settle with Martin as a wife , I will provide everything for you , put up a business to certain you and your husband. Martin my darling ,it shall be well, this srysoell is universal you are not alone.”


Akothee is known to be a tough woman who also has a soft heart. To many, she is a hero and model although she refuses to take responsibility for being anyone’s role model.

She recently took in a disabled young man, Shadrack from the streets.

Shadrack had no family left. But he does now. He has a family in Akothee.



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