“Aki kevo Wewe” Mulamwah Exposes Identity Of Carrol Sonnie’s Lover, Man She Allegedly Cheated On him With

Looks like Mulamwah has decided to entertain fans with details surrounding his breakup with Carrol Sonie; now that his comic career isn’t helping him make news like he used before baby Kayla was born.

We know that he accuses Carrol Sonnie of cheating among other things, but little did we know that he has details of the man he believes was sleeping with his girlfriend.

Well to our surprise, the comedian has now provided the home address of the guy including his phone number which he exposed on a post shared on his story.


From what he wrote is that the guy lives somewhere in Kikuyu and had allegedly dated Sonnie for a year behind his back.


In yet another post, Mulamwah mentions Sonnie and alleged lover never hid their affection from the public and could even kiss in public.

However, when he reached out to his woman for the truth, Sonnie allegedly did not deny the fact that she was involved with the said Kelvin; and in her defense Mulamwah says;

She said she was told I was cheating too…


Weuh talk about situationships. Anyway as of now it’s only fair to watch from the sidelines since things are getting out of hand; and the only way to solve this is by having a sit down that will include a DNA test – just to reassure Mulamwah he is Kayla’s baby girl. Just to be safe.

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