Ailing Miracle Baby Was Taken To Hospital While Unconsious

Miracle Baby is ailing badly at the moment. The former Sailor’s member posted this terrible news on his Instagram page.

The person writing on Peter’s Insastories revealed that Peter had been having a stomach issue since 2018.

The person added that the issue had been managed temporarily after Peter had a successful surgery.

“Hae guys it’s a higher time to address Peter’s health. The main reason is Peter’s stomach has been having issues since 2018 when he had an obstruction in the intestines. He then underwent the first surgery and was successful.”

Miracle Baby

But things had gone haywire again 2 years later when the problem flared up again, something that the singer had been dealing with.

Yesterday things came to a head when Peter’s stomach started aching so much so that he became unconscious.

“Recently in 2020, the stomach started aching once in a while till yesterday when it started aching frequently and we took him to Neema where he was unconscious.”

Miracle Baby

After an x-ray, it was found that he had another stomach obstruction. The cost of the surgery to fix it will be Ksh. 300,000 according to the person writing on Peter’s page.

“When he underwent an x-ray he found out that he has another obstruction. So the only way for him to heal is to have a second surgery which is costing Ksh. 300,000.”

The post concluded with a plea for help from friends and well-wishers on the number, o719848841.

Peter’s unfortunate health emergency happened a few days after he celebrated his 24th birthday. In a video he posted on his page, the Charismatic rapper looked to be in great spirits as his close female friends held a surprise birthday bash for him.

I hope that he is able to get the funds so he can forever deal with the stomach issue.

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