Actress Serah Teshna on ‘come we stay marriage’ with Victor Wanyama

Actress Serah Teshna has opened up on her ‘come we stay-marriage’ situation with former Harambee Stars skipper Victor Wanyama.

The popular Kenyan celebrities recently celebrated 7 years of their relationship, posting photos of themselves gushing at each other.

Wanyama, one of  the country’s  richest footballers now plying his trade in Canada, posted a picture of the bae with a sweet caption,

“I choose you, and I will choose you over and again. Happy 7th anniversary, love.”

Actress Serah Ndanu Teshna and her partner football star Victor Wanyama
Actress Serah Ndanu Teshna and her partner football star Victor Wanyama

In a rejoinder, Teshna wrote, “Love you to infinity, baby. Happy anniversary to us, love,”

The two managed to keep their union from the public eye for five years before going public two years ago.

However, they have never come out to confirm whether they are married despite the two cohabiting, with Teshnah deciding to pause her acting career and relocate to Canada to be closer to her partner.

“Its been six, seven years of enjoying ourselves. As to whether we are married or not that is something that will get to know with time. You know we are very private individuals and that’s how we keep it,” Teshna says.

The mother of one also revealed that her lead role in the series Igiza was quite demanding. In the series she plays the dual role of twins, Linda and Nicole.

“There are times I could go for days without seeing my son because I could go out while he was sleeping or get back home past his bedtime. This character is so demanding. I’m looking forward to going back to being a mum and a wife,” she said.

Teshna also spoke about her experience as a first-time mother.

“I didn’t know that I’ll enjoy motherhood as much as I do. Being a mom has given me a new meaning to life. The baby has also strengthened our bond as a family since we are more goal-oriented now,” she said.

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