A Week After Losing His Instagram Account, Xtian Dela Now Claims He’s Broke

 Blogger Xtian Dela (Arthur Mandela) has thrown in the towel in the political race amid the upcoming general election.

The YouTuber and Instagram influencer made a detailed video explaining what expedited his move to quit the political race.

Xtian was eyeing for the Westlands Parliamentary seat; and was on a fundraising spree to seek financial assistance to fund his political ambition.

The excitement was short-lived for Xtian; who has expressed disappointment in Kenyans stating that they are ‘not ready for change’.



Xtian has blamed Kenyans for contributing to the indefinite closure of his verified Instagram account; which had just fetched over 1 Million followers.

”I have thrown the towel. I tried starting toboa to help you guys share the issues that you guys are being affected with.”

Secondly, the vlogger explained that he has gone broke after closure of his account; which was his main source of income through advertisements.

He added that he needed over Ksh 20 million to jumpstart his political ambition. He has delivered his harangue to Kenyans over the latter and scolded them for not supporting him to bring change.

”Kenyans you win. I accept defeat and I officially step down from politics! Thank you for bring me down. Lesson well learnt.”

Source: Ghafla

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