A Broke Mr Nice Relocates To Nairobi And Maina Kageni Wants To Help Him

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Popular radio presenter Maina Kageni has vowed to bail out struggling Tanzanian artiste Mr. Nice.

The promise comes amid reports that the once-popular singer, whose real name is Lucas Mkenda, has relocated to Nairobi after falling on hard times.

“I am looking for Mr. Nice. I will pay for his studio fees and ensure he works with top producers such as Ayo Lizer and Magix Enga,” explained Kageni on his radio show.

Me Nice, known for his Fagilia hit which hit the airwaves 15-years ago, left his country two years ago after failing to compete against the likes of Diamond Platinumz and Ali Kiba and found refuge in Uganda from where he accused his compatriots of always mocking him on social media.

“I prefer where I make money. Or do you prefer I stay at home so you continue laughing at me? That is not appropriate. Our President John Magufuli urges us to continue working hard and stop gossiping,”

He explained in a media interview earlier this year.

He is now based in Kitengela, according to credible reports, from where he has maintained a low-profile and is reportedly not keen on interviews.

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