It is hard to believe that Julie Gichuru is 46-years-old.

The former TV anchor and one of the most popular media personalities in Kenya, has never failed to stun; in dressing and in her professionalism during her shows, all topped up with her ever-present signature smile.

Defined as an essence of splendor, Julie has a cute face and a body to die for, which thrills her fans each time she makes an appearance.

These 8 photos from her Gram show just how the mother of four has defied age and remained as elegant as ever.

1. Julie never disappoints even in braids 

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We live in interesting times… 💔 Before corona, much of my work necessitated travel. I would find myself in interesting places, so often moving through airports, train stations, taxis – I would meet interesting people and have fascinating conversations. In New York, ahead of the last presidential elections, I was in conversation with a middle aged African American taxi driver. He expressed concern about one of the candidates and what life would be like under that regime. I joked, 'Well, you could always come to Africa, karibu Kenya!" I laughed. He was dead silent. After a long moment of silence, he responded. "Ma'am, do you see this gadget here?" He pointed at a small camera on his dashboard. "This could mean life or death for me. Every morning I leave the house wondering if I will make it back to my family alive or if I will be the next black man, killed for no reason. This camera might stop them from taking my life. That's why I put it there." He paused, then continued, "I was born here, I have brought up my children here, this is my home, but if someone gave me the chance to leave with my family and start all over again, I would." The weight of his words sat heavy on me. I felt his pain. I said a prayer for him and all who face the same fear. Race, tribe, clan, religion, sect, gender, age… This world is not our home, yet we must never give up or give in; may we all do what we can to make it better. 🙏

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2. And when she wished our Muslim brothers Eid Mubarak

3. Just look at her! 

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Work anywhere, Learn everywhere ❤🙏

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4. What do we call this look ladies? 

5. Awww! 

6. Yaaaas! she looks cute even when in the Shamba grafting avocados

7. Eish! hot as a sufuria. 

8. Come take all my money ma’am

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At the Acropolis of Athens a couple of years ago. This was an incredibly humbling moment. Seated within what was once one of the greatest civilisations of all time, looking down upon the new world. Understanding that life as we know it can change; does change and our reality today could be totally transformed. Utterly humbling. From Wikipedia: An acropolis (Ancient Greek: ἀκρόπολις, akropolis; from akros (άκρος) or akron (άκρον), "highest, topmost, outermost" and polis (πόλις), "city"; plural in English: acropoles, acropoleis or acropolises)[1][2] was in ancient Greece a settlement, especially a citadel, built upon an area of elevated ground—frequently a hill with precipitous sides, chosen for purposes of defense.[3] Acropolis also had a function of a religious sanctuary with sacred springs highlighting its religious significance.[4] Acropolis became the nuclei of large cities of classical antiquity, such as ancient Athens, and for this reason they are sometimes prominent landmarks in modern cities with ancient pasts, such as modern Athens. One well-known acropolis is the Acropolis of Athens, located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and containing the Parthenon.

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