30 Days Without Alcohol – Michelle Ntalami  Celebrates One Month Of Sobriety

Kenyan influencer Michelle Ntalami has taken a courageous step towards a healthier lifestyle by choosing sobriety. In a recent Instagram post, the CEO of Marini Naturals announced that she has gone 30 days without alcohol.

Ntalami’s journey to this milestone was not marked by a struggle with addiction but rather by a desire for personal growth and well-being.

She expressed her gratitude to a higher power for guiding her on this path, emphasizing that her sobriety story is one of self-discovery and transformation.

“I contemplated stopping alcohol for a while. I simply felt that it wasn’t serving me anymore,” Ntalami said.

Michelle Ntalami
Michelle Ntalami

Her decision to abstain from alcohol was not only about her own personal experiences but also about the impact it had on her relationships and overall quality of life.

Ntalami has spoken of how the environments and people she associated with when consuming alcohol often left her feeling empty and drained, especially during challenging moments in her life. Recognizing the need for positive change, she decided to make space for better things in her life. 

“I simply felt that it wasn’t serving me anymore. For one, the feeling, places, spaces, and people I’d take it with would most times leave me feeling more empty and drained, than happy and fulfilled, especially and ironically, during the tough times of my life. I needed to make space for better things,” said the renowned entrepreneur.

One crucial realization for Ntalami was that even though she could “handle her liquor,” it didn’t mean others could. She grew tired of the drama and negative experiences that sometimes accompanied alcohol consumption. Her choice to abstain from alcohol was also a way to distance herself from such negativity. 

“I was always the type to ‘handle my liquor.’ But just because you do, doesn’t mean others will. And if you’re like me, you get tired (and hurt) of all the drama or things people said and did to you when they were on alcohol.”

The positive changes in Ntalami’s life since embracing sobriety have been nothing short of remarkable. She spoke of increased mental clarity, improved overall health, better sleep, and a sense of waking up refreshed on weekends. She also highlighted the financial benefits, as sobriety led to more money saved and greater energy to pursue her passions. 

In a surprising twist, Ntalami also credited sobriety with enhancing her physical appearance. She proudly mentioned compliments she’d received about looking younger and having glowing skin. This newfound radiance seems to be a testament to the transformative power of sobriety on one’s well-being. 

Beyond the physical and financial gains, Ntalami emphasized the emotional and social benefits of her journey. Sobriety brought her a drama-free life, more meaningful connections, and deeper conversations. Above all, it granted her peace of mind, body, and soul.

As Ntalami reflected on her 30-day milestone, she encouraged others to consider making similar positive changes in their lives.

“We talk and flaunt the good habits we pick up,” she said, “But let’s also be honest enough to share about dropping the habits that are not serving us.”

Her message resonates with those who may be seeking inspiration and encouragement to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Ntalami concluded her post by raising a toast to sobriety, emphasizing that it was not just a personal achievement but also a message of hope for anyone looking to improve their life.

“Cheers to sobriety,” she exclaimed, “No pun. 💦🥂”

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