2Mbili: I Wrote Stevo Simpleboy’s ‘Mihadarati’

YouTuber 2Mbili has people at a loss for words after he revealed that he wrote one of Stevo Simpleboy’s biggest hits, “Mihadarati” that helped propel the rapper to fame.

2mbili made the allegations in response to people trolling Willy Paul after Tanzania’s singer Jay Melody revealed that he wrote the songs ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Njiwa’ (which Pozze collaborated with Nandy on) both of which are such successful hits that have raked up over 13 million and 21 million views on YouTube.

Commenting on the issues 2mbili argued that he doesn’t understand why people were making a fuss over Pozze as if artists didn’t get songs written for them all the time.


He then went on to toot his own horn with the allegations that haven’t been confirmed yet by Simpleboy or his management.

“Watu wanadhani msanii kuandikiwa mziki ni mbaya… wasanii wanaandikiwa mziki which is very good.

He went on to add:

“Tuache Mihadarati ya Simple Boy niliandika mimi na ana nishukuru kila siku. (For example I wrote the song Tuache Mihadarati for Stevo and he thanks me on a daily,)” revealed 2mbili.

The song that was released 5 years ago has over 1 million views and over 31 thousand likes on YouTube. IT speaks to the youth urging them to stop drug abuse and make better life choices.

2 days ago Jay shocked people when he revealed that two of Pozze’s hit songs were actually his creations.

He went on to reveal that he gave the songs to Pozze since he did not have money to jump in the studio.

“People started knowing me as a song writer first, I have done songs like, Hallelujah, and Njiwa for Willy Paul, and Ndata for Nadia Mukami,” he revealed adding that some songs have not yet been released.

He said he did not release the song since he was still young in the industry. Jay said he gave Pozze a complete song including the melody.

“At that time, we did not meet with Willy Paul until I wrote for him a Hallelujah song, I was still upcoming and it was business so I needed to get money to start recording my songs.”

Ironically, when the song was trending in 2018, Nandy claimed the song was her idea. Later on, in an interview with Mpasho, she said she refused Pozze’s idea and gave him Njiwa and he loved it.

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