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The beauty industry is always putting out new products.

Some of them are just revolutionary. Others make us say:

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While everyone loves to see something new, these beauty products are probably the weirdest things you’d see today:

1. Eyelid trainer

It seems waist training is now an old fad. Did you know you can train your eyelids? If you have mono-lids and want a double fold, then you can buy the eyelid trainer thanks to the Japanese beauty industry.


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2. A facial iron

We have a clothing iron, a hair iron and therefore can even have a facial iron. The face iron uses actual heat to remove wrinkles, crow’s feet and eye bags. Who wouldn’t want a hot iron on their face?!


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3. Face slimming giant rubber lips

If you have a chubby face and want a slimmer one, the Asian beauty market has got you covered. There is a giant rubber lip you can wear for 3 minutes a day while saying each of the vowels out loud to help strengthen the muscles of the face and lose fat on your face. Basically, exercise for your face.


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4. Eyebrow stamp

Do you have trouble filling in and shaping your eyebrows? Try the eyebrow stamp. Simply shave off your eyebrows or not if you want and apply the eyebrow stamp where your brows are.


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5. Exfoliating socks

The exfoliating sock is the beauty industry’s answer to hard soles. You just wear the socks and over 10 days your feet lose the excess dead skin on your soles.


Image: RockalilyCuts


6. Blackhead suction machine

Apparently, blackhead removal creams, soaps and cleansers are not enough. There is a machine which suctions off blackhead from your face. Sounds painful.


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7. Compass eyelid brush

Just in case you don’t know where your eyelids are and suck at applying eye shadow, the compass eyelid brush is what you need.


Image: Allure


8. Vibrating foundation sponge

As if foundation brushes and beauty blenders aren’t enough, people actually invented the vibrating foundation sponge.


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Which of these products will you like to try?