‘Trust Me, You Don’t Want To Be Me,’ Rue Baby To Girls Who Want To Be Like Her

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Akothee’s famous model daughter, Rue Baby, has revealed what it is like walking in her shoes in a bid to encourage girls who want to be like her.

In a candid post on social media, Rue said she goes through a lot of emotional torture and she wouldn’t wish her fans to go through the same.

According to Rue, she gets a lot of comments from fans wanting to be like her but they have no clue about the struggles she goes through.

“I get this a lot I want to be like you RUE. But no one has an idea of how it is being me or in my shoes. Trust me you don’t want to be me.

The social media bullying I go through, the Nos I get, the rejection because am either too “thin” or just not enough, the body shaming. The amount of emotional torture I go through. It’s just too much,” she confessed.

Rue urged her fans to aspire to be better than her.

“I don’t want anybody to be like me, I can’t imagine someone as young as I am going through what I go through and not being able to handle it like I do. If anything you should be in a better position than I am. I am strong and you should be stronger,” she concluded.


Source: Nairobiwire

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