Tanasha Donna flaunts New Hot Body With Big booty & Hips After Reconstruction In Nigeria

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Tanasha Donna is said to have undergone cosmetic surgery meant to help boast her figure; and judging from her latest posts – we clearly now understand why she has been spending so much time in Nigeria!

Well, unlike the old Tanasha will a flat…you know – and kinda dimply hips; the new Donna looks like a curvy manikin that is judging from her latest post; and of course the viral video making rounds on social media.

From what we can see is that Tanasha Donna now has a big booty and the hips…man the hips are to die for! However unlike other socialites on social media; the lass did not go to the extreme but chose to have a figure that works well with her well built legs.

Before sharing the video flaunting her new bought figure; Tanasha had earlier shared a new flawless curvy that left fans assuming that she had photoshopped her figure; only to realize later on that it had actually been bought!


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The new move comes months after Tanasha made it known that she was planning on investing on herself; and while we thought it’s the usual ‘working on my career bla bla’ talk – the lass out of nowhere surprised us.

Well, after being linked to billionaires from the coast region a few months ago; seems like Ms Donna did collect her mullah in plenty hence the costly cosmetic surgery.

With this body, damn…y’all ain’t telling mama Naseeb anything; but again – gym muhimu sana!

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