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Natural hair is one of the best canvas for adding some colour into your life.

Coloured natural hair looks amazing. Who wouldn’t want hair that looks like this:

Tapered short crochet hairstyle

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Or this:

coloured Natural hair

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Before you run to the store for bottles of dye, here are a few things you must know first:

1. You can DIY if you’re going for a darker hue

If you’re dying your hair to a darker colour, you can do it yourself at home. Darker colours tend to hide any mistakes, unlike lighter ones.


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2. Buy many packs of dye

Who wants to run out of dye in the middle of the dying process? Most times, people underestimate the thickness of their hair and how much dye is required. To be on the safe side, buy more than you think you need.


Image: SoftSheen Carson


3. Liquid and gel dyes are better

If you’re doing the dye job yourself, liquid and gel dyes are the best. They penetrate the roots better than foam dyes.

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4. Don’t shampoo before applying dye

It isn’t advisable to wash your hair before you apply the dye. You need the natural oils in your scalp to protect your scalp from the chemicals in the dye.


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5. You must regularly deep condition

Dyed hair requires more TLC than regular hair. If you can’t afford to provide the care it needs, you might want to skip dying your hair.

Moisturizing black hair

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6. Use colour-preserving shampoo

You don’t want your hair colour fading after you wash your hair a few times. Get a shampoo that won’t affect your hair colour.


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7. Colouring your hair may affect your curl pattern

Depending on how the dye is applied, your curl pattern and the general integrity of your hair may be affected.

Woman combing her frizzy hair

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8. Have a professional do it

It’s always best to have a professional stylist help you colour your hair to avoid errors especially if you’re going for a lighter hue.

Hair trim black woman

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